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The Clean Shave Finest Wet Shaving Set

The Clean Shave

  • There is a wave coming. More and more men are tired of tearing up their faces with over-priced plastic razors. More and more men are realizing how they take care of themselves in the morning matters. More and more men are turning to The Clean Shave Finest Shaving Kit. Do not miss this wave.
  • Our shaving kit is the best, gentlemen. Hands down. Our double edged safety razor will last a lifetime - literally. Our Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush lifts the whiskers off your face and eliminates ingrown hairs. Our shaving bowl is the perfect size for your favorite soap puck. And our tuxedo shaving stand puts it all together and brings a lot of class to your bathroom. Don't hide your razor, men. Display it with pride. For it is a work of craftsmanship.
  • So do you want the best shaving set or the cheapest? Which set does that handsome face of yours deserve? The best. You deserve The Clean Shave Wet Shaving Set.
  • Hurry, though. We pride ourselves on quality, so we only manufacture in small batches.
  • Now is the time to class it up, gents. Act now. Our limited supply will not last long